Richard Walters
After 17 years in the nightclub business, several years in operations management of a major corporation, and several more years as an owner of a small business, no one could be more qualified to bring Home Shows USA to life than Richard Walters!  

He co-owned several nightclubs with his father in Vancouver, including the famed "Cave" and "Isy's Supper Club", as well as several others, and also managed several bands and vocal groups. Moving to beautiful La Jolla in 1967 to be the Executive Vice President of Educational Marketing Research, Richard honed his management skills and marketing expertise. 

Following that Richard was the CEO of Slender Life Foods and learned the ins and outs of owning his own business, and developed expertise in advertising.

In 1975, Richard began "The Great American Free Market" which was the first new product "swap meet" in the United States, and what eventually grew into the Del Mar Home Shows. 1976 was the year the first Del Mar Home Decorating and Remodeling Show premiered, and that event was such as success, it was the basis for the Shows USA of today.

Richard recently celebrated his 87,  birthday! In his free time, he enjoys listening to and cataloging his huge jazz music collection, as he became a jazz lover in his nightclub days when he met the greats of the business, including Sarah Vaughn, Buddy Rich, Count Basie and countless more.