Medick Yarijanian
Sales Associate ext. 109
Medick Yarijanian was born in Iran. She arrived in the USA in 1972 in Upon graduation and by sheer chance or perhaps dissuaded by the meager pay scale of a teacher, She decided to pursue a sales career, which later proved to be very rewarding.

Initially engaged in selling and marketing insurance products aimed at the lucrative seniors sector, later she obtained the mandated licensing to market security and investment products, a decision that later proved to be very awarding. She started her career working for other people but soon made the decision to open her own office where she worked solo. She learned many valuable lessons working for herself, among these, are: discipline, self motivation, hard work and the most valuable lesson, ethics. 

She had a chance to meet Mrs. Richard Walters by a mutual friend, who offered her the opportunity to witness the Home Shows USA in action and the great opportunity it offers vendors seeking exposure of their products and services. She was impressed by such business model and saw another exciting opportunity for herself.

Medick loves to golf, attends theatrical and musical performances, has a keen interest in economy, legal matters and international affairs. She is looking forward to work with you, our valued vendors.