Becoming a Vendor at Home and Backyard Show
Home Shows USA is the premier consumer event producer in Southern California. We are the the oldest and most successful home show producer in California! 

All of our events are the largest events of their types in their respective area, and very highly attended. Each event offers the best in services, products and expertise of the vendors and speakers.

Each year hundreds of thousands of high income shoppers attend our events looking for the best in products and services. You can create your own small showroom at the events, and present your products and services to the thousands of shoppers that attend each of the shows, and claim your share of the sales!

Home Shows USA events generate millions of dollars in sales: 
Home Shows USA is the only event producer in California continuously under the same management for 44 years. 

If you are looking for a marketing plan that is low cost, targeted to high-income shoppers, and highly effective, call us today to reserve your space in the next Home Shows USA event.


Median Values 
Savings Bonds 1,608 
Stocks 24,219 
Mutual Funds 69,572 
Retirement Accounts 71,721 
Vehicles Owned 18,871 
Home Equity 399,410 
Investment Property Equity 84,779 
Mortgage Debt 207,352 
Lines of Credit Debt 5,671 
Credit Card Debt 3,829